Society Management System

Make Your Society WELL ORGANIZED and SOCIALLY ACTIVE by Making It Online!

Society Management System is a one of the big steps to make your Society or Organization digitize. Our system will help you to manage all members of society, make all members up to date with latest information, manage financial transactions and keep in touch with all members.

Why you need Society Management System?

  • Make Society Digitize/Online
  • Like to have Society's Website
  • Manage Booking of Common Plots
  • Manage Financial Transaction
  • Manage Donations
  • Make Your Society Well Organized
  • Manage Society Member's Details
  • Quickly Communicate with Members/Committees

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Our Mission

Our mission is to make societies socially active and improve communications and help them to manage it in well-organized manner.

Society Management System In Surat

Society Management System is divided in two sections. One is Website which is accessible by any one and 2nd is Manager Panel which is accessible by only authorized persons.

Manager Panel


CMS section provide facility by which user can change all information in website like

  • Home Page Main Photos
  • Content Pages
  • Manage Gallery
  • Manage News
  • Manage Committee
  • Manage Events

Booking of Common Properties

Manager can manage booking of common properties online so no need to remember dates and be free from conflict. Booking is also reflected on website so it is also easy for member to check availability.

Society Managemetn System in Gujarat
Society Managemetn System in India

Manage Members

In all societies so many members are available. If information about all member is once entered properly in system, then it will become very helpful in case of some emergency or when required quick communication. Eg. Suppose someone urgently required blood then can easily check which member has required blood group.


If someone give donation for society than we can easily register it. Sometime donor announce donation and he make payment later and some time they make payments in partial, our system is also able to manage it.

Online Complains

If any member has any concerns, then can submit online complain or suggestion and admin can see all complains and able to feed information that what kind of follow-ups are taken to resolve it.

Letterhead Management

For society, so many kind of documents works required on letterhead so with this module you can easily keep tracks all letterhead generated and remark about each.

Informative Charts

Provides many useful charts which helps committee to get important information about operation of society. It provides charts like Expenses, Type Wise Expenses, Incomes, Type Wise Incomes and Donations.


To manage any society, committee need to do so many expenses like Maintenance, Pay Light Bill, Renovation etc. Committee also get revenue by giving common plot on Rent, Advertisement etc. Such kind of all incomes and expenses are manage by our system.

Quick Communication

Admin can create many groups and add members in group and able to send quick Email/SMS to all members belong to that groups. So, it makes communication very fast and helps lots in case of some emergency.

Informative Reports

Provides many useful reports which helps committee to get important information about operation of society. It provides reports like Donation Report, Income Reports, Expense Report, Blood Group Report, Marital Report and Member Report.

Theme Integration

Admin can change looks and theme of full website as per his convents.

Features of website

Society Website

We are providing attractive and informative website which is providing lots of useful information about Society, Events, News, Committee Members, Sponsors and Common Plots Booking Calendar. Members are also able to send some suggestion or complain online to committees.

Society Managemetn System in Surat

Photo Gallery

In Societies so many events are happening and everyone taking photos for it but due to lack of common platform all photos are not centralize so with our photo gallery features you can create categories for each events and upload photos so whole society can see it.

Common Plot Booking Calendar

If any member want to plan family function than availability of common plots is easily checked over website so it will save time.

Our Team

This section contains detail information about all committee's members and it's contact number and social accounts.

Send Complain or Suggession

If any member has any complain or concern, then send online request for it.

Latest News

News section contain important news or announcements in society or some general topics. So, if committee take new decision and need to inform to society then they can submit it in news section.

Upcoming Events

If admin person enters information about Upcoming Events than member of society can easily view related details over website and plan according it.


If events are organized with help of sponsors or want to do advertisement for sponsors than can put sponsor's logo or detail in this section.

How to Get Society Management System

Click on "Get Started Now" button below and fill the information. Once you fill details we will verify your details and then our representative will call you with your website details. If you want to use our system, then you need to put our banner in entrance of your society. Click here to view that banner.

Mobile App

We are happy to announce our mobile application for society management system. Now society can better communicate with all members of society. We make most of the operations of our website to be integrated in mobile application. Society can reach more members with mobile application. In future we are also implement more features like notification and sharing.

Mobile app has below features

  • Common Plot Schedule
  • Photo Gallery
  • Team Details
  • Send Online Complains or Suggestion
  • View Latest News
  • View Upcoming Events
  • View Sponsors

Download For Android Download For Windows

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Society Management System
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