Accounting System

Accounting is a crucial part for all businesses. With help of accounting system, you can easily measure financial strength and improve transparency of your business. Accounting System helps you to easily manage Sales, Purchases, Incomes, Expenses, Liabilities, Assets and can take business decisions based on the past performance and present financial condition of your company. Well Managed accounting also helps you to satisfy your customers. By getting idea of current incomes and expenses you can better understand what need to be done in future to grow your business. Properly done accounting minimize risks of frauds and help you when government conduct an audit of our company.

Your business must have a reliable accounting system no matter how you feel about accounting and even no matter how much time-consuming and expensive it is.

Why you Need Accounting System?

  • Manage Sales
  • Manage Employee Salary
  • Manage Expenses
  • Manage Clients
  • Improve Communication
  • View Important Information with Reports
  • View Accounting Reports
  • Access Your Account from Anywhere
  • Manage Purchases
  • Manage Payments
  • Manage Bank Transactions
  • Manage Contacts
  • Manage Accounting Transactions
  • Take Quick Decision with Statistical Charts
  • Send Statement to Clients
  • Improve Efficiency in work
  • Manage Employee
  • Manage Incomes
  • Mange Meetings
  • Manage Documents
  • Manage Inventory
  • Manage Tasks
  • Computerize Your Business
  • Reduce Stress
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Sales Management

You can manage all your Sales operations with help of this modules. Sales module is very well developed and provides you so many facilities. Below is list of all facilities.

  • Generate Invoice in Multiple Currency
  • Attached Multiple Documents Related with Invoice
  • Add Notes with Invoice Items
  • Allow Discount for Invoice
  • Tax Management
  • Generate PDF Invoice
  • Receive Payment for Invoice
  • Mail Invoice to Customer
  • Send Reminder About Payment
  • Sales and Payments Reports
  • Sales and Payments Charts
  • Outstanding Reports

Purchase Management

You can manage all purchase related activities in this module. Below is list of all facilities.

  • Generate Purchase Note in Multiple Currency
  • Attached Multiple Documents Related with Purchase
  • Add Notes with Items
  • Allow Discount for Purchase
  • Tax Management
  • Generate PDF Purchase Notes
  • Give Payments Against Purchase
  • Purchase and Payment Given Reports
  • Purchase and Payments Charts
  • Outstanding Reports
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Office Solutions

Income/Expense Management

You come across many expenses for operation of office and all those expenses are manage with this section. In this section, you can register all expenses like Internet Expenses, Rent, Light Bill, Travelling Expenses etc.

Like expenses you also earn other incomes by various business operations. You can register all such kind of incomes like Sales of Properties, Sales of Scrapes, Commission Received against Sales etc. You can also store related bills or acknowledgements.

Manage Bank Transactions

During office activities, you have to perform so many bank or financial institute related operations like deposited Money in bank, withdraw money from bank, give cheque against purchase/expense, receive cheque against sales/income etc. All such kinds of operations are managed in this section and you can also see bank statement in this section.

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Other Financial Transactions

Purchase, Sales, Incomes and Expenses are most commonly used financial transactions but accounting is more broad then only these transactions. We also come across so many other transactions like Need to return goods against purchase, our client return goods against sales, TDS receive from Income Tax, need to enter JV entries to settle accounts, need to give Credit Note, all such transactions are performed in this sections.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management is used to manage all inventories which we deal for business. Inventory management is always resource occupied and difficult task. With this section, we can help you to manage inventory properly by performing below mention operations.

  • Manage Products
  • Purchase Products
  • Notify Inventory Below Re-Order Level
  • View Stock Statement
  • Sales Products
  • Re-Order Report
  • Inventory Stock Value
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Office Solution in Gujarat

Employee Management

Employee Management section will help you to manage activities of Employees. In this section, you can perform below operations.

  • Creation of Employee
  • Store Notes for Employees
  • Keep Track of all Promotions
  • Manage Designation
  • Manage Employee's Professional Details
  • Manage Employee's Documents
  • Manage Departments


To start and improve any business you need to schedule many meetings with clients. This module help you to enter details of all meeting and then our system will send you automatic reminder by SMS and Email. You can also enter meeting summary which is useful in future decision making. In this section, you can perform below operations.

  • Schedule Meeting
  • Auto Reminder of Meeting
  • Arrange Sub Sequence Meeting
  • Enter Summary of Meeting
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Office Solution in Surat

Manage Clients

Clients is one of the most important part for any business. In this module, you can store all information about clients and in future can easily use it in most of the modules of our system. In this section, you can perform below operations.

  • Add Clients
  • Add Notes about Clients
  • Manage Document of Clients

Manage Contacts

Contact is source of future client. Contact is a person to whom you meet or discuss some future business. You come across so many persons in business through meetings, expos and fairs. If you store detail of all this contacts than in future, you can communicate with them as per your marketing strategies.

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Document Management

Documents Management is one of the key part for any organization. Many company facing difficulty in managing physical documents. Our module help you to manage all your documents in E-Form. In this section, you can perform below operations.

  • Store Documents
  • Search Documents
  • Letterhead Settings
  • Letterhead Printing
  • Manage History of All Letterhead Printed
Office Solution in Gujarat
Office Solution in India


Communication is essential thing for any business. In current scenario, no one can ignore communication. This module helps you to quickly communicate with all Clients, Contacts and Employees with help of Email and SMS.

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Sometimes company are working based on project and need to keep track of all Purchases, Sales, Incomes and Expenses based on projects so this module is useful for them.

To Do List

During our office activities, we come across so many tasks and it is always difficult to remember this tasks so this module will help you to remember and manage all yours to do tasks.

Office Solution in Gujarat
Office Solution in Surat


With help of this module you can store your important credentials.

Task Master

During our daily activities, we completed so many task and with help of this module we can enter these tasks so in future if need more detail about it then we can easily get it.

Office Solution in Surat


We are providing so many Informative reports by which client can analysis progress of his company. We are providing reports by which below kind of information is easily viewed.

  • Sales Report
  • Purchase Outstanding Payments Report
  • Cheque not Clear Report
  • Ledger Statement Report
  • Trading Account
  • Client Report
  • Contact Report
  • Login Trace Report
  • Sales Outstanding Payments Report
  • Sales Return Report
  • Income Report
  • Cash Rojmel
  • Profit & Loss Report
  • Vendor Report
  • Meeting Report
  • Email History Report
  • Purchase Report
  • Purchase Return Report
  • Expense Report
  • Trial Balance
  • Balance Sheet
  • Employee Report
  • To-do Report
  • SMS History Report


We are providing so many Informative charts by which client can quickly analysis progress of his company. We are providing charts by which below kind of information is easily conveyed.

  • Sales Chart
  • Purchase Return Chart
  • Incomes Chart
  • Type Wise Expenses Chart
  • Clients Growth Chart
  • Sales Return Chart
  • Payments Received Chart
  • Type Wise Incomes Chart
  • Bank Deposit Chart
  • Country Wise Clients Chart
  • Purchases Chart
  • Payment Given Chart
  • Expenses Chart
  • Bank Withdraw Chart


Administration section provide you facility by which you can control that which user can access which portion of systems. Eg. Sales Person don't require to access Employee and Documents Portion. We can create as many users as we want and give each user access to specific sections, so they cannot access other portion of system.

Mobile App

We go one step ahead to help our customer to manage few important operations through android devices. With our mobile app you can manage operations like Payment Receive, Payment Given, Incomes, Expenses, Clients, Contacts and Meetings. With application you can also see important reports like Sales, Purchase, Statement, Cash Rojmel and Stock Statement.

You can perform below operations in mobile app.

  • Payment Receive
  • Expenses
  • Meetings
  • Account Ledger
  • Payment Given
  • Clients
  • Sales Report
  • Cash Rojmel
  • Incomes
  • Contacts
  • Purchase Report
  • Stock Statement

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