E-Token Solutions

E-Token solution will help all organization who is providing services to their customers based on queue like Hospitals, Clinics, Saloon, Bill Payment Center, Service Stations, Retail Stores, Banks and Holy Places.

Traditional way is client come to center and wait for his/her turn. This approach is time consuming and not efficiently in modern world when time and customer service is critical part of service industries. In this scenario so many human hours are wasted which is also loss for society. Previous study indicate that customer satisfaction is directly connected with waiting time and our solution help to reduce waiting time significantly.

Using our solutions your customers will generate token through mobile application or web based user interface. So when peoples want to visit for service will generate token and get timing information and queue number. This will save customer's time and help you to plan well.

Our solution will also help your organization to manage all attendee's time efficiently. In this scenario organization is already aware in advance about number of people are going to visit. You can also get reports about customer services and efficiency of your attendees.

Who Need E-Token Solution?

Why You Need E-Token Solution?

  • Implement Token Base Entry
  • Improve Customer Services
  • Reduce Queue
  • Efficiently Utilize Attendee's Time
  • Save Time of Society/Customer/Business
  • Get Analytics about Store
  • Reduce Cost
E-Token Solution in Surat


E-Token Solution developed for Clinics and Hospitals at where either single or multiple doctors available. Your patients can book his slot as per doctor’s availability and will reach at hospital on time which will save lots of times of your patients and also help you to manage appointments and plan doctor’s time accordingly. When patient arrived in hospital then can also see status of their turn in his customer app or Screen mounted in hospital. This will improve productivity of hospital and improve customer satisfaction. You can also measure efficiency of doctors and help them to improve it.

Retail Store

In current COVID-19 situation, Retailers are allowing limited customer in a shop at a time or providing them token-based entry. In this scenario lots of human hours are wasted for gathering token from Store or standing in long Queue. Using our solutions, you can generate E-Tokens for all your customers and suggest them time so they will be available on fixed time and save lots of human hours. Even your customer are also able to generate token online using mobile app or web based interface. So our solution helps Retail store to efficiently manage customers in store with social distance.

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Saloon owner have limited staff and specific clients are loyal to specific staff member. So if any client come to saloon and if attendee is not free they need to wait for their turn and which is result in waste of human hours and also result into less customer satisfaction. Using our system your clients are aware about availability of staff member and can generate token with them at some specific time. Therefore, they just need to arrive on time and their service will started immediately.

Holy Places

Holy Places attract lots of devotees and its challenging to manage social distance. With our solution you can divided times in specific groups and persons limit. Suppose if you want to allow 100 Peoples per hour then you have to define hourly shifts with number of persons 100. So, when person book appointment system will assign them shifts as per group capacity. This help holy places to manage social distance and also save lots of human hours and manage people efficiently in Holy Place.

Office Solution in Surat

Service Center

Service Center is place at where people visit for resolutions of complains or take service. Generally service center doesn't have token system and if have then it is physically in store. So, when people come to service center at that time, they are generating token and then have to wait in queue till that his/her turn come. This is time consuming process and waste lots of human hours.

Our Solution help your customer's to generate token from anywhere and then can see number of peoples are in queue and also show approx. time to serve, so it is comfortable for customer to come on that specific time and receive service without any delay. It also helps all attendee in store, so they are aware that how many customers they need to attend. This also help Service Centre to gather analytics like efficiency of attendee.

Client Mobile App

Mobile app will be installed on your client's mobile device. When customer 1st time visits to store they will get instruction to setup E-Token app in his/her mobile. So then onwards, they can generate token online from mobile app and will get information about Token Number, Attendee Name and Approx. Time to serve his request.

Below is a list of operation client can perform in his Mobile App.

  • Book Online Appointment
  • View Attendee Availability
  • Get Token Status and Appox. Time Required to Serve
  • Cancel Appointment
  • View History of Past Visits
  • View Information about Store

Client Booking Webpage

If your customer don't want to install mobile app then we can also provide facility to book appointment through web page dedicated to your organization.

Below is a list of operation attendee can perform on this webpage.

  • View Availability of Attendee
  • Book Appointment
  • View Upcoming Appointments
  • View Status of Current Appointment
  • View Past Appointments
  • View Your Business Information
  • View Your Article/Blogs

Attendee Mobile App

Mobile App will be installed in all your attendee's mobile device. Attendee can efficiently manage his/her operation with this app.

Below is a list of operation attendee can perform in his Mobile App

  • View Visitors Details
  • Book Appointment for Visitors
  • Mark Visitor as Arrived
  • Mark Appointment as Completed/Cancelled
  • View Pending Visitors
  • Mark Visitor as In-Premise
  • Assign Visitor to Self
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Store TV Screen

You can also setup TV screen in your store and show real time data of all appointments that are serve currently and status of upcoming appointments.

Below is a list of information visitor see on TV Screen

  • Display Current Token Served
  • Show List of Token in Waiting

Management Web Portal

Management Web Portal will help you to make all configuration and settings to make Token System Work as per expectation.

Attendee Management

Attendee is persons who are working at organization and handling visitors. Attendee can be either sales person, collection persons, doctors or store attendees. In this module you can perform below operations.

  • Manage Attendee
  • Set Schedules for all Attendees
  • Manage Holidays for Attendees
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Visitor Management

Visitors are persons who are visiting to organization for fulfillment of his requests/services. In this module you can perform below operations.

  • Manage Visitor's Details
  • Generate Visitor's Token
  • Edit Visitor's Appointment Details
  • View Visitor's History
  • Mark Visitor as Arrived
  • Cancel Visitor's Token
  • Mark Visitor's Token as Completed
  • Mark Visitor as In-Premise

CMS Section

CMS section provides facility by which you can manage information display about store and attendees in mobile application. You can perform below operations in this section.

  • Manage Page's Categories
  • Manage Pages
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We are providing so many Informative reports and charts by which organization can analysis efficiency of customer services and attendees. We provide reports which provide you below information.

  • Visitor's History report displays information about visitor's history.
  • Attendee Summary report displays information about number of visitors attend by visitor and average time spends per visitor
  • Attendee Month Wise details report displays information about number of attendee attended by Attendee Month Wise.
  • Attendee Schedule report displays information about attendee's schedule and his availability.


Communication is essential thing for any business. In current scenario, no one can ignore communication. This module helps you to quickly communicate with all Visitors and Attendee with help of Email and SMS. In this section you can perform below operations.

  • Change Content of Auto Emails
  • Send Email
  • Send SMS
  • Create Email Template
Office Solution in Gujarat
Office Solution in Surat


Administration section provides you facility by which you can control that which user can access which portion of systems. Eg. Admin Person doesn't require accessing Setting and Configuration Portion. We can create as many users as we want and give each user access to specific sections, so they cannot access other portion of system.

Below are credentials you need to use for login in mobile app.

Visitor Detail

Organization: demo

Organization Code: 1234

Username: visitor

Password: Visitor12345@

Attendee Detail

Organization: demo

Organization Code: 1234

Username: attendee

Password: Attendee12345@

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