Finance Management System

Finance Management System is useful for Organizations who gives loans to customers at some specific interest rate for fix duration. With this system, we can manage all loan related transactions like Loan Given, Interest Received, Penalty Received, Loan Re-Payment, Loan Receive from other organizations, Return Money which we receive on Interest, Paid Interest, Daily Incomes/Expense, Money Deposit/Withdraw from bank, Investments, Banks, Customers and Vendors. We can also quickly view summary or detail information about all these transactions with Reports and Charts.

Why you need our Finance Management System?

  • To make your transactions computerized and secure.
  • To keep track of all transactions.
  • Reduce paper work.
  • Avoid calculator for interest calculation?
  • To access all transactions from anywhere online even through your mobile.
  • To see quick summary of all transactions.
  • To divide your transactions among multiple companies.
  • To give payment acknowledgement to your clients.
  • To get any information in just one click.
  • Quickly Communicate with Clients.
  • Allow multiple users to access system simultaneously.

Features of Finance Management System

Informative Dashboard

Dashboard is providing important information very quickly. It displays below information.

  • Quick Actions Buttons
  • Quick Search Loans
  • Company Wise Cash on Hand
  • Loan Given Summary
  • Loan Receive Summary
  • Top Debtors
  • Top Creditors
  • Due Payments
  • Informative Charts

Finance Managemetn System in Gujarat

Loan Management

Easy and quick interface by which we can perform all loan related operations. Below we mention operation related to Loan Given, our system is also containing facility by which we can also receive loan from other parties.

Society Managemetn System in Gujarat
  • Give Loan to Customers
  • Give Loan of Rs. 1,00,000 to Customers for 30 Days at 3% Interest
  • Give Loan of Rs. 1,00,000 to Customer at 3% Interest Without any Due Date
  • Extend Loan Duration for Loan
  • Charge Penalty if Customer Return Loan After Due Date
  • Return Interest if Customer Return Loan Before Due Date
  • Customer Wants to Pay Just Interest against Loan He Received
  • Customer Want to Return Loan than We Can Register his Payment and if He Come Before Due Date then We Should Return Interest and If He Come After Due Date then We Should Charge Additional Interest

Receive Partial/Full Payments

Quick Interface to receive Full/Partial Loan amount and Interest from customers. As per due date all the interest related calculation is done automatically which will make process very fast. We can perform below operations in this section.

  • Receive Full/Partial Loan
  • Receive Interest Only
  • Extend Due Date
  • Change Due Date
  • View Interest Amount as of now

Society Managemetn System in India
Society Managemetn System in Surat

Manage office Expenses/Incomes

We come across so many expense for operation of office and all that expenses are manage with this section. In this section, we can register all expenses like Internet Expenses, Rent, Light Bill, Travelling Expenses etc.

Like expenses we also earn other incomes by various business operations. We can register all such kind of incomes like Sales of Properties, Sales of Scrapes, Commission Received against Sales etc.

Manage Relations

For Loan related operations, we have to store information for all Customers, Vendors and Banks. We can collect information about all relations and later can use it quickly for any transactions.

Customers are persons to whom we given loan. Vendors are persons from whom we receive loan. Bank is entities which we use for financial transaction if we are giving or receive loan in bank.

Society Managemetn System in Surat
Society Managemetn System in Surat

Manage Investments

Sometime we are investing money in some other business or some other companies. We can easily manage all Investments and Returns easily.

View Statement of any Relation

Statement is one the most important report of our system. In norms of Accounting it is called "Ledger Statement".

If any customer need detail statement about all his transactions, then we can easily give it in just one click. We can also check final balance for any of our accounts like Cash, Incomes, Investments etc.

Society Managemetn System in Surat
Society Managemetn System in Surat

Daily Summary

This report is very important because it helps you to identify any mismatched in system at end of the day.

Suppose in whole day you have done so many transactions than at end of days you need to just check closing balance. If Cash on Hand and closing balance is not matching than need to use this report to verify all transactions to identify mismatched.

Our system contains so many other features

  • Manage Multiple Companies
  • View Cash on Hand Company Wise
  • View Top Debtors/Creditors
  • Manage Penalty for Late Payments
  • Get Automatic Reminders of Due Payments
  • Import Customers/Vendors from Excel file
  • View Cash Rojmel
  • Various Informative Reports
  • Various Informative Charts
  • Informative Help to Provide Information about all Sections
  • Quickly Send SMS/Email to Clients
  • Manage Accounts
  • Allow many Users to Access System and Set Permission for Each User

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Society Management System
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