Real Estate Solution Basic

Our Solution Will Help you to Manage basic Real Estate related activities. This system is useful for small to medial size Real Estate Companies.

Why You Need our Real Estate Solution?

  • Manage All Operation of a Project
  • To Keep Track of all Assets of Projects
  • Manage Inventory
  • Communicate Quickly
  • Improve Transparency
  • Make All Operations Online and Easy to Manage
  • Manage Sales Activities
  • Manage Office Expenses
  • Want to Summaries All Transaction
  • Improve Efficiency of Business
  • Mange Payment Against Sales
  • Your Own Responsive Website
  • Reduce Paper Work


The dashboard is provide at-a-glance views of important information. With help of Dashboard you can see information like project details, Company Information, Finance Information, Expense and Material related charts.

  • View Project Details
  • View Payment Received Details
  • View Outstanding Payment Details
  • View Asset Details
  • View Expense Chart
  • View Material Stock Chart

Projects Management

This section allow you to perform operation related projects. You can perform below operation from this section.

  • Manage Multiple Projects
  • Manage Assets in Each Project
  • Manage Sales of Assets
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Sales/Payment Management

Receiving payment against Sales is one of the important operations for any real estate company. This section will allow you to receive payment against each sale and give you information about all past payment received for that assets. You can perform below operations in this section.

  • Receive Payment Against Sales
  • Print Payment Acknowledgement
  • Receive Extra Payments like Meter Charge, Water Charge etc.

Relation Management

This section helps you to manage peoples like Customers, Vendors, Brokers and Visitors.

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Project Income/Expense

All projects Incomes and Expense are essential operations and in this section you can keep track of all incomes and expenses. So based on this you can analysis your financial situation whenever you want. In this section you can perform below operations.

  • Manage Expenses like Purchases, Employee Salaries, etc.
  • Manage Incomes like Sales of Scrap, Rent of Ground etc.

Material Inventory Management

This section helps you to manage inventory for all products which are used in production. In this section you can perform below operations.

  • Manage Products
  • Manage Material Inwards
  • Payment to Vendor against Material Inwards
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Website with CMS

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Communication is essential for any business. In current scenario, no one can ignore communication. Communication is use to manage all messaging activities between System, Customers, Brokers and Vendors. All communication which is done through Email or by SMS is managed by this section.


Charts always represent data faster and more understandable manner. We are providing so many informative charts by which client can analysis progress of his company and get whatever information they need in a graphical format. In this section, You will get statistics information for below sections.

  • Sales
  • Material Inward
  • Expenses
  • Payment
  • Payment Given
  • Incomes
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We are providing so many informative reports by which client can analysis progress of his company and get whatever information they need in just a click.

  • Sales Report
  • Payment Given Report
  • Expense Report
  • Payment Report
  • Outstanding Vendor Report
  • Income Report
  • Outstanding Report
  • Material Inward Report

Real Estate Solution Basic is perfect for any small or medium Real Estate Company. It will help you to make all your operations smooth and computerized. It will also save lots of time and human resources.


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