Semsto is one of the most productive product of Aarvi Technology. Semsto is perfect for your organization for managing all operations and increase effectiveness.

Why You Need Semsto?

  • Improve Effectiveness of Business
  • Employee Management
  • Leave and Salary Management
  • Manage Task Assignment and Follow-Ups
  • Meetings and Reminders
  • Wishlist Management
  • Quickly Communicate with Clients and Employees
  • Income/Expense Management
  • Financial Management Reports
  • Make your Business Online and Transparent
  • Employee Work Management
  • Project Management and Analytics
  • Testing and Bug Management
  • Recruitment Management
  • Document Management
  • Sales and Purchase Management
  • Budget Management
  • Individual Sticky Notes
  • Reduce Efforts in Resources Management
  • Attendance and Payroll Management
  • Project Team and Role Management
  • Lead and Follow-up Management
  • Goal Management
  • Physical Resources Management
  • Payment Receive and Given Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Notification and Calendar Reminders

Semsto having more than 45 Reports and 40 Analytics Charts that provide detailed inside about your business and help you to define future goals and planning.

Informative Dashboard

Dashboard contains very useful information and operations which we are frequently required.

  • Quick Action Buttons
  • Quick Search
  • Display Recent Works
  • Display Open Leads
  • Manage To-Dos
  • Display Interview Update
  • Display Calendar of Events/Meetings
  • Notifications and Alerts
  • Display Project Time Analysis
  • Display Project Progress
  • Display Goal Progress
  • Display Finance Related Details
  • Display Lead Revenue
  • Display Resource Requests

Informative Dashbord

TMS in Gujarat

Employee Management

Employee Management section will help you to manage activities of Employees. In this section, we can perform below operations.

  • Creation of Employee
  • Manage Employee's Professional Details
  • Keep Track of all Promotions
  • Manage Employee's Documents
  • Give Access to Employee Panel of Our TMS Portal
  • Verify Employee's Work
  • Ask for Clarification from Employee for Specific Work
  • Communicate with Employee
  • Manage Notes for Employees

Payroll Management

Payroll Management module help you to keep track of employee attendance, overtime and salary. In this section, we can perform below operations.

  • Manage Employee Attendance
  • Manage Employee Leaves
  • Manage Office Holidays
  • Manage Employee Salary
  • Manage Overtime
  • HR Dashboard which show Important Data
  • Manage Salary Structure
  • Manage Shifts

Semsto in India

Semsto in India

Projects Management

In companies so many projects are under development simultaneously. With our Project Management module, you can track all activates and resource time.

  • Manage Projects
  • Manage Sections of Projects
  • Manage Sub Sections of Project’s Section
  • Manage Team Member of Project
  • Manage Permission of each Member for Project
  • Keep Track of Project Progress
  • View Resource Time Spends in Project
  • View Analytics of Employee Work on Project
  • Keep Track of Employee Time Spend on Project

Manage Tasks

Task is a work related to Project/Goal/Lead. During daily operation, we come across many tasks that we should assign to some other team member. With this section, we can assign tasks to member and keep track of tasks.

  • Create Task
  • Assign Task to Another Team Member
  • Manage Task Life Cycle
  • Send Notification of Task to Another Team Member
  • Add Notes Related to Task
  • Upload Task Related Documents
  • Manage Relation of Task to Another Task
  • Auto Repeat Task at Specific Duration
  • Task Dashboard Which Provides Quick Information

TMS in India

Lead Management System in India

Testing Management

In most of the companies, testing department is available in which tasks developed by development or production team are tested. This module help testing team to create test cases and test them and storing result of each testing. This module is also keep track of resources time spend in testing.

  • Create Test Case
  • Testing "Test Case" and Save Result of it
  • View History of All Testing Done for "Test Case"
  • Create Task from Test Case
  • View Number of Times "Test Case" is Tested and Total Resources Times Spend
  • Manage Bugs and Assign to Team member

Lead Management

Lead Generation and Management is an important process for any business. Any big project or deal is start with lead. To convert any initial lead to successful project many efforts are apply from organization. Our Lead Management module will help you effectively keep track of all leads related activities.

  • View Lead Dashboard
  • Create New Lead
  • Manage Lead Stages
  • Manage Client Information of Lead
  • Manage Lead Related Documents
  • Manage Lead Assign History to Staff
  • Manage All Lead Follow Ups
  • Manage All Lead Related Meetings
  • Give Lead Access to Another Member
  • View Lead Related Analytics

Lead Management System in Gujarat

Lead Management System in Surat


To start and improve any business we need to do many meetings with clients. This module help you to manage details of all meeting and related reminders by SMS and Email. We are also able to enter information or summary related with meeting which is useful in future decision making.

  • Schedule Meeting
  • Auto Reminder of Meeting
  • Arrange Sub Sequence Meeting
  • Enter Summary of Meeting

Manage Clients

In this module, we can store all information about clients and then can manage its projects, finance and communication.

  • Add Clients
  • Add Notes about Clients
  • Manage Document of Clients

Semsto in Surat

TMS in India

Manage Contacts

Contact is source of future client. Contact is a person to whom we meet or discuss some future business. We come across so many persons in business through meetings, expos and fairs. If we store detail of all this contacts than in future, we can communicate with them as per our marketing strategies.

Resource Management

Resource Management is crucial part for all companies. This module will help you to keep track of all resources/items available with company. You can manage below activities with Resource Management

  • Manage Resource Category
  • Manage Recourse/Items
  • Keep Track of Resources
  • Resources Request by Employee
  • Manage Employee Requests
  • Assign Resource to Employees
  • Revoke Resource from Employee

Semsto in Surat

HR Module

Recruitment is one of the most important and crucial part for management of all companies. During Recruitment HR Person and related staff need to perform so many operations. Our HR Module will help you to manage below operations.

  • Mange Job Description
  • Store Candidate Details
  • Store Candidate Resume
  • Send Interview Call to Candidates
  • Send Interview Result to Candidates
  • Send Interview Reminders
  • Put Comments for Candidates
  • Search in old Resumes
  • Communicate with Candidates
  • Send Offer Letter to Candidates
  • Manage Employee Communication
  • Manage Daily Thoughts which is display to Employee's Dashboard
Semsto In Gujrat

Semsto In Surat


For any business, Finance related operations like Purchase, Sales, Income, Expense, Bank Transactions are key part. With help of finance module, you can perform all these operations. We provide below facility in finance module.

  • Purchase of Goods/Services
  • Sales of Goods/Services
  • Tax Management
  • Manage Office Incomes/Expenses
  • Accounting Related Reports
  • Accounting Related Charts

Document Management

Documents Management is one of the key part for any organization. Many company facing difficulty in managing Paper Document. Our module help you to manage all your documents in E-Form. You can perform below operations.

  • Store Documents
  • Search Documents
  • Letterhead Settings
  • Letterhead Printing
  • Manage History of All Letterhead Printed

Semsto In Surat

Semsto In india

Wish List

Wish list is a Task or Features that we are planning to do in future. In our daily routine tasks, we come across so many ideas and thoughts that we are planning to do in future but generally, we forgot it. With this section, we will help you to store all your wish list and keep track of related activities. We can plan all future activities with this section and set its approximate date for start and complete. We can also keep track of related documents and time spend on wish list.


Managers are working at project level, but higher authority like Owner, CEOs are working on future goals. This module help you to define future goal and managing progress and status of it.




Communication is essential thing for any business. In current scenario, no one can ignore communication. This module helps you quickly communicate with all Clients, Contacts and Employees with help of Email and SMS.


Administration section provide you facility by which you can control that which user can access which portion of systems. Eg. Sales Person don't require to access Goals and Employee Portion. We can create as many users as we want and give each user access to some sections, so they cannot access other portion of system.

Reports & Statistics

We are providing more than 45 reports and more than 40 Analytics charts which will help client to understand their business and gather analytics for future planning. Below is highlight of information which client can gather from our system.

  • Employee Performance
  • Effectiveness of Lead Management
  • Meetings Analytics
  • Communication Effectiveness
  • Budgeting Management and Compare
  • Balance Sheet
  • Task Effectiveness
  • Project Related Analytics
  • Goal Tracking
  • Finance Management
  • Business Income/Expense Management
  • Client Statements
  • Bug Tracking
  • Payroll of Employee
  • Recruitment Effectiveness
  • Finance Related MIS Report
  • Profit/Loss Statement
  • Stock Statements

Task Management is your perfect business partner in all your business operations. As per our current features, you can easily save your lots of time and improve your business. In future, we are also going to add so many useful futures, which will help you to grow your business and be ahead of your competitors.

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