Wedding Application

Wedding application help couple to make their wedding special by keep all
their guests well informed and up to date about all events and venue.
Couple can also share photos, videos and their stories.

Why you need Wedding Application?

  • If You/Relative are you going to marry
  • Share Videos
  • Share Information about Bride and Groom
  • Manage RSVP
  • Keep Guests up to date about all events
  • Share Your Story
  • Share Events and Venue
  • Send Notification to all your guests
  • Share Photos
  • Share Invitation Card
  • Receive Suggestion from guests

Mobile App

Anyone can download mobile application from Google or iPhone store. When open application 1st time it will ask for code which couple need to share with guests and after validation of code guests are able to login and can see all information about your wedding. We will provide you your wedding code when you subscribe with us.

Your Relatives/Guests can see below information in your application.

  • Photo Gallery
  • Invitation Card
  • Groom Information
  • Couple Story
  • Receive Suggestion
  • Send Notifications
  • Video Gallery
  • Bride Information
  • Events
  • Venue Details
  • RSVP

Management Web Portal

Management Web Portal will help you to make all configuration and settings to make Wedding application work as per expectation.

Manage Photos

This section helps you to create multiple sections related with your wedding like Engagement, Pre-Wedding Photoshoot, Lovely Moments and you can manage photos inside each section.

Simplify Office Work

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Manage Videos

This section helps you to integrate your youtube videos in your mobile application.

Manage Pages

This section helps you to change or manage content of pages like Invitation Card, About Bride, About Groom and Our Story.

Office Solution in Surat
Office Solution in Gujarat


This section helps you to add all events of your wedding with date and time so your guests are aware of it.

Contact Us Section

Through mobile application your guests can send you suggestions, you can view list of all suggestions on this section.

Office Solution in Gujarat


Click on "Get Started Now" button below and fill the information. Once you fill details, we will verify your details and then our representative will call you.

Mobile App Demo Login Detail

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