Beginning With The Effectiveness Of Your Time Management

In today's fast-moving world, everyone's time is precious. The businesses that can offer service without wasting their customer's time always have the upper hand. Hence, a set system of effective time management for clients is one of the top priorities for the business nowadays.

Healthcare is one of such fields which demands effective time management for their patients. Patients are often anxious, nervous, and even in pain when they visit health centers. As a result, hospitals must establish a friendly place. Healthcare providers are under tremendous pressure to offer quality treatment to more patients while juggling limited resources.


Virtual Patient Queue Management System

The COVID-19 pandemic has demonstrated the necessity for a patient queue management system that is both safe and effective. With regulations requiring a safe distance and a limited number of people in an indoor environment, healthcare institutions must adapt and be nimble in order to keep services running while making everybody safe (including patients, staff, and visitors).

The E-token solution patient queue management system helps healthcare institutions to improve operational performance and service quality by reducing patient wait times and directing patients to the proper healthcare specialists through well- organized queue management.

This web-based solution allows patients to join a queue and check their status.

The sophisticated patient queue management system may provide daily or monthly real-time data in addition to providing SMS reminders to patients about future appointments.

By simplifying operations, e-token patient queue management systems may control crowds and improve service quality to provide patients with great healthcare experiences.


The most common challenges to a better patient experience

Importance of queue management system in healthcare.

Managers must carefully assess their investments to optimize the patient experience and staff comfort in a profession with tight budgets and limited resources with proper time management.

The best advice to those in management is that they build/use a queue management system. Because it is a suite of tools that assist hospitals in improving the patient's whole visit, from a visit to post-service, we call it a patient journey management system.

The E-token queue management system has numerous advantages. By verifying that the correct patient is at the right location at the right time, it can enhance revenues and profits by up to 30% while lowering costs by up to 30% in the short run.

So, why is it vital for hospitals to have a patient queue management system? I've outlined four reasons below.

Key features of the queue management system.

Patients are notified of forthcoming appointments and queue ticket numbers through the queue management system. Patients

can also use mobile devices to track the real-time queue status because the system is web-based.

  • Budget constraints

    One thing that all hospitals have in common is a limited budget. On the other hand, managers say they're having trouble improving the patient experience without boosting expenditures.

  • A workplace that is stressful

    Long lines and dissatisfied customers are stressful for many staff members, making for a difficult working atmosphere.

  • Data scarcity

    Some hospital executives claim that they lack precise data and patient feedback, making it difficult to find and execute efficiency improvements.

  • Cost-cutting

    Investing in a patient queue management system allows you to cut costs throughout by controlling patient flow by making it more efficient at every stage.

  • Improving patient satisfaction

    You may achieve an appropriate waiting time, minimize perceived waiting time, and improve service quality using a patient queue management system.

  • Increasing employee happiness

    By improving patient flow and making it time-efficient and well-organized, a patient journey management system may enhance staff happiness.

  • Obtaining crucial information

    The data is automatically collected by the patient queue management system at every stage of the process, allowing you to improve performance while also providing benchmarking opportunities.

  • Queue Management Made Simple

    The E-token allows for self-service queue registration and automates patient flow allocation for improved counter efficiency.

  • Display of Queue Status in Real-Time

    A desktop computer or a mobile device can be used by counter staff to contact the next patient in line. The counter LEDs display queue ticket numbers and predicted wait times in real-time. Patients can observe the line status on these displays. The queue screens can also be used by healthcare facilities to display relevant healthcare information.

  • Notifications and Status Checking for Queues

  • Analysing Queue Data

    The E-token system for patient queue management can produce real-time queue management data, including average wait times and daily patient numbers. These reports can subsequently be used by management teams to better counter services.



Everyone wants quality service without wasting their quality time in today's world. Waiting periods in hospitals seldom cause stress and anxiety in patients. That's why you need an E-token, which provides a virtual patient queue management System for your hospital for a better patient experience. Our API-based tool helps our client to increase 10% more patient flow and reduce 25-30% reception desk tasks. Apart from the hospitality business, E-token solution offers solutions for queue management in various businesses to meet their queue management goals like banking, hospitality, e-governance, etc. We help you meet your queue management goal and enhance your user experience to meet your ultimate goal called success.

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